Monday, 10 October 2011

Flex Seal Review!

There are many Flex Seal reviews online. Because most talk about the wonderful benefits of Flex Seal, you are probably wondering if Flex Seal does live up to the hype. If you have been living under a rock and you do not know this new product, Flex Seal is a new type of rubber sealant that is used for fixing leaks and cracks.

What is Flex Seal?

Flex Seal is a product that you use to seal cracks, breaks, and leaks around your house. This unique sealant product has been used in many different homes around the world, and most people find that the product works extremely well.
Flex Seal comes in a water-proof spray can, and is advertised as an instant fix for various leaking problems around the household.

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As most Flex Seal reviews will illustrate, this is an excellent tool that you can use around your house to keep it in good condition, as keeping the walls, windows, and doors from leaking is an important part of keeping your house from falling into a state of disrepair.

How does Flex Seal work?

Flex Seal squirts a concentrated, aqueous black rubber to get the job done. According to many Flex Seal liquid rubber reviews, this thick rubber lasts longer compared to other spray-on sealants. By creating a layer of rubber, Flex Seal solidifies to seal leak or crack in your roofs, pipes, gutters, and appliances. It is also impervious to water and heat.
Flex Seal is also easy on the eyes. Paint over the rubber is easy, especially if you prefer to have something more presentable than just a black splotch on the leak or crack. Many Flex Seal reviews even report that they have even used this for their cracked ceramic pots and no one was able to notice the difference.

How to use Flex Seal Spray?

flex seal reviewsIt is so simple to use Flex Seal. Simply spray it on a leak or crack to completely seal it. Start with shaking the can vigorously. Make sure that the agitator ball inside the can rattles freely. When you are applying Flex Seal, you need to keep shaking the can occasionally as well.
It is recommended that you apply a couple of thin coats instead of just a single thick layer to maximize its effectiveness. After using Flex Seal, invert the can and apply a quick burst. This will clear the actuator and prevent clogging of the can. This will also ensure that the spray will work the next time you use it.

Flex Seal Benefits

Many people reading Flex Seal reviews wonder what the benefits of using the product are.
  • The spray is incredibly easy to use, meaning that you can quickly make any repairs around your house even without skills at DIY repairs.
  • The can of sealant is incredibly portable, meaning that you can always have a can handy.
  • The rubber sprayed from the can is incredibly effective at seeping into cracks, holes, and leaks of any size.
  • When the product dries, the resulting sealant is flexible and completely sealed against water.
  • The sealant will not drip or sag even when the weather or climate is very hot.
  • Any moisture or water is kept at bay by the sealant.
  • The product is designed to provide an effective sealant that will last for many years.
  • There is little risk of the sealant peeling or cracking, regardless of the temperature.
  • The sealant helps to soundproof your home, stopping any outside noises from filtering into your home via the cracks that you are repairing.
  • You can even use the product when installing an audio system in your car.
  • Metal pipes are surfaces that tend to corrode when exposed to water are protected by the sealant, and the product acts as a protective layer against moisture.
  • As long as the surface to which you apply the product is clean, it won’t matter if it is dry or wet. The product applies easily to any clean surface.
  • Once the black rubber has completely dried, you can paint over it.

Final Verdict

Flex Seal seems to be one of the best quick-fix sealants in the market today. Any one who has problems with leaks and cracks ought to buy Flex Seal, because it is effective, cheap, and long-lasting. It is often praised for being tough enough to resist both water and heat, but easy to remove if you accidentally spray it on your hand.
The best thing about it is that the black rubber of Flex Seal not only ensures a tough seal, but it can also be colored over for a better, more attractive finish. Flex Seal comes at a cheap price of $19.99, with a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE OFFER. As confirmed by many Flex Seal reviews, a customer can request a refund if he/she finds Flex Seal’s performance unimpressive, So you got nothing to lose, give it a try!

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flex seal liquid rubber reviews


  1. does this work on above ground pools.

  2. Yes, sprayed on 3 leaks last summer and hasn't leaked since.

    1. is it safe for the water to use

    2. Did you uae it inside the pool or on the outside?

    3. If the surface is not completely dry, of water moisture, This product is useless. Will not stick, to anything that is wet !!

    4. If the surface is not completely dry, of water moisture, This product is useless. Will not stick, to anything that is wet !!

    5. If the surface is not completely dry, of water moisture, This product is useless. Will not stick, to anything that is wet !! Spray from a Can.

  3. Had crack in pool sand filter...tried everything (epoxy, JB Weld, Gorilla-Duct Tape...etc.) Several layers of Flex Seal did the job...even last when I put pump on high for vacuuming and backwashing filter!!!

  4. flex seal works as the solution and it is watertight and stops the leakage problems fast.

  5. Would flexseal work on the entire bottom od a above ground pool and still be safe and not leak?

  6. Would flex seal work on the bottom of an entire below ground pool?

  7. I have a water troff I use for my kids to swim and want to spare inside ,is it safe for my kids

  8. I have an Intex pool that leak's on the bottom of the pool at the seam can I use it on a pool is it safe for my grandbabies to swim in ?

  9. Used flex seal on the bottom of a pond with chlorine water in it. It completely bubbled and is coming off in messy pieces. Do not use in a swimming pool.